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7 March

Metasequoia at Kew Gardens.
Metasequoia (dawn redwood) is a fast-growing, deciduous tree, and the sole living species, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, is one of three species of conifers known as redwoods. It is native to the Sichuan-Hubei region of China. Although the least tall of the redwoods, it grows to at least 200 feet (60 meters) in height. Local villagers refer to the original tree from which most others derive as Shui-sa, or "water fir", which is part of a local shrine. Since that tree's rediscovery in 1944, the dawn redwood has become a popular ornamental.

Together with Sequoia sempervirens (coast redwood) and Sequoiadendron giganteum (giant sequoia) of California, Metasequoia is classified in the Cupressaceae subfamily Sequoioideae. Although M. glyptostroboides is the only living species in its genus, three fossil species are known as well. The other Sequoioideae and several other genera have been transferred from the former Taxodiaceae family to Cupressaceae based on DNA analysis.

Text source: Wikipedia

Location: Kew Gardens, Richmond, Greater London TW9, UK


Wife, Mother, Gardener says:
at: 8 March 2012 at 01:07 said...

I love this tree! There is a specimen about this size in the US at Longwood Gardens. You have captured a wonderful view of its majestic branches.

Gaz says:
at: 8 March 2012 at 07:56 said...

Hi Julie, thank you for your comment, glad you enjoyed the photo.

They are such magnificent trees, i'm not sure of the age of this one, but it must be an early planting at Kew.

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