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27 November

Syneilesis palmata
Syneilesis palmata 
Syneilesis palmata is an unusual perennial that comes from China. It starts into growth in spring with the emergence of the leaves from the rhizome, as illustrated in the photo above. It spreads out slowly beneath the soil surface and gradually bulks up over time. The leaves are folded up as the emerge with a thick coating of silky fine white hairs giving it the unique fluffy appearance you can see in the photo. As the leaves unfold they lose these hair but continue to look extremely striking. We have found it fairly easy to grow and it likes to be grown in moist well drained open soil.


Lucy Corrander - M2 Photos says:
at: 28 November 2012 at 10:50 said...

What a weird looking plant. Can't decide whether, at this stage, it is repulsive or charming. Certainly characterful.
* * *
I'm gradually letting people know I've moved my blog 'Message in a Milk Bottle' to a new URL -

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If you would like to - please do re-follow there!

Gaz says:
at: 28 November 2012 at 21:39 said...

Hi Lucy, already following, and have added you to the blog roll below :)

It has a more "normal" look once the leaves emerge.

Gardens at Waters East says:
at: 1 December 2012 at 23:05 said...

Interesting plant. Sort of strange. Thanks for the posting. Jack

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