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9 November

Tropical Plants at Atocha Railway Station in Madrid
Atocha Station in Madrid is the largest railway station in Madrid, and the site of Madrid's first railway station which was inaugurated on 9 February 1851 under the name Estación de Mediodía. See more photos from our visit to Madrid.

After the building was largely destroyed by fire, it was rebuilt and reopened in 1892. The architect for the replacement, in a wrought iron renewal style was Alberto de Palacio Elissagne, who collaborated with Gustave Eiffel. This complex of railway tracks expanded through the years. In 1985, a project of complete remodeling began, based on designs by Rafael Moneo. In 1992, the original building was taken out of service as a terminal, and converted into a concourse with shops, cafés, and a nightclub. Like the Orsay Museum in Paris, the concourse has been given a new function, this time a stunning 4,000 m² covered tropical garden.