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16 December

Meryta denhamii
Meryta denhamii
Meryta denhamii  comes from New Caledonia and can grow to about 6m tall. The large, stiff, leathery leaves are elongated, curved at the edges and appear in tufts or bunches at the ends of the branches. Their central rib is thick and fleshy with longitudinal grooves. On younger trees the leaves are up to 45 cm long and about 12 cm wide. On older trees the leaves may be up to 1 metre long and 24 cm wide. The flowers exude a sweet scent. The plants are either female or male. Since the anthers protrude from the flowers, it is likely that the pollen is spread mainly by wind. Female flowers also occasionally produce anthers, but these are stunted and unproductive. This plant featured is located inside one of the glasshouses at Jardin des Plantes, Paris.

Source: Wikipedia


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