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22 August

One thing we intend to change following the fire is the way we water the bottom section of the garden. We had been intending to install an irrigation system to water the tree ferns for quite some time - and even bought a selection of materials from Hozelock with which to do it. However like all good intentions this was one project we had not got round to.

However with the planning for the restoration of that part of the garden well under way, we intend to put to put that right, and set up an irrigation plan. I would like to ensure we can't forget to water so will use an automatic timer - the one pictured is a Hozelock AC Pro from

With the area fairly clear at the moment it should be easy to hide the pipework and then cover it all over with fresh bark chips.

As well as the tree ferns, which will have a dripper fitted to the crown of each plant, we will put in sprayers and misters to ensure the area around them gets regular water too. No doubt I will still go out with the hose and water everything by hand as well as that's an enjoyable experience and one where I get to see how the plants are doing. You get to spot things coming into flower or weeds that need removing!

So hopefully by spring we will have a full irrigation set up in the jungle area! 


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