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30 August

A golden garden: Autumnal horticulture 101

Whilst some gardeners might be feeling a little blue that the summer months are drawing to a close, there’s no need to despair… autumn has something to offer lovers of the outdoors too.

Autumn can actually be a great time to get out in to the garden, and is essential time to make preparations for the year to come. Brave a bit of the rain to follow this guide and your garden will repay you tenfold come spring… we swear!

September and October are great gardening months – really! It’s all about getting out there while the weather’s still warm enough for you to enjoy - or at least not dread – immersing yourself in the outdoors.
One way to keep your garden looking friendly in autumn and winter, when plants and flowers can seem to go a little AWOL, is to invest in a few pieces of quality garden accessories. Personally, I love the natural look of home and garden store Bents’ collection of wicker garden furniture. The light colours remind me of the saplings which will be back in springtime!

Don’t tidy up too much when trying to make things look nice though. It’s easy to get a little carried away when it comes to raking, but not only are fallen leaves and foliage great fun for kids… and grownups… to jump around in, they can look really quite beautiful. Why not take some snaps of your garden this autumn and revel in its golden glory for the rest of the year? Leaves and foliage also provide a protective blanket for vulnerable perennials, keeping them safe from harsh frosts or, even worse, snow!

Autumn is also the time to start planting trees and shrubs for next spring. Planting early will make sure that your new plants have time to establish themselves before the spring, plus planting in autumn is a lot more fun than trying to dig rock-hard, frosty ground.

Of course you don’t have to fill your garden with brand new plants, as it’s easy to create new plants from the ones you already have! Take 10cm cuttings from hardwood herbs such as bay, or rosemary and plant in pots of premium soil for the best results possible.


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