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27 November

Four tips to get your garden ready for winter
After a summer that saw the UK enjoying some very pleasant weather conditions, it’s arguable the low temperatures anticipated this winter will be even harder to take. This might mean it’s necessary for you to wrap up warm and do what you can to prevent < situations like burst pipes indoors, but it’s also wise to think about your outside areas too.  Here are a few tips to help keep your back yard in tip top shape:

Protect your plants
A frosty morning can be lovely to look at, but such conditions can prove disastrous for your plants due to the damage it causes to the cell wall. Therefore, it’s worth thinking ahead to minimise the risk of problems. When possible, give tender plants a little extra  protection by placing them in a sheltered area, such as close to a wall or under shrubs or  trees. It’s also worth growing tender plants in pots so they can be moved indoors in bad  weather. Make sure the containers you use are frost-proof too, or else you might find they start to crack.

Store your equipment away  
If you haven’t yet moved garden furniture and equipment inside now’s the time to do so.  Whether it’s your table and chairs or a watering can, frost can cause all sorts of issues so  it’s worth making the effort now to reduce the chances of you needing to pay out for replacements later.

Clean your gutters
While it might not be the most glamorous of jobs, giving your gutters a good clean out is  well worth doing. Scoop out any leaves and other debris as it can halt the flow of water,  which can cause it to sit and ultimately freeze. It’s also a good idea to invest in some  gutter guards to make this less of an issue in future. Make sure you’re not suffering from  blocked drains too and remember to think about how best to prevent them.

Do repairs sooner rather than later
If you spot a potential problem it’s best to deal with it as soon as possible. Poor weather  conditions are only likely to make things worse and if – for example – that wobbly fence  blows over on a windy, snowy day your task is likely to be a little harder. So make the  effort now and save yourself a job later.


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