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11 September

Storing Garden Tools for Winter
As autumn approaches and signs of those long nights are slowly creeping in, your time in the garden becomes less and less, and so do the maintenance and garden jobs. So if you’re thinking about how to store your tools at the end of the season, then you’re in the right place.
Having a tool shed or garden building to store your tools is essential, as your tools need to be dry to be in the best condition for next year.

Before you store anything, sharpen or replace blades on tools that cut or dig. Filing can easily sharpen any tools that have worn down over time. Use a medium grit sharpening stone to hone and maintain the sharp edge of any cutting tool. For faster cutting, wet the stone with water or honing oil. Don’t attempt to sharpen a trimmer or any other tool with a serrated blade. 
Most digging tools aren’t sold sharpened, so you should sharpen them from the start. File the working edge to a 45 degree bevel with a course file.
Rub the blade with a wire brush to remove any rust, and wipe down the metal with light oil to prevent corrosion.

Check your tools’ handles for splinters or cracks. Smooth handles with a medium grit emery cloth (emery cloth doesn’t tear as easily as sandpaper). Wipe a dry handle with linseed oil to rejuvenate and protect the wood over the winter.
If your handle is broken, then you should always replace it.

Maintaining your Lawnmower
If your mower is petrol, then make sure it’s out of fuel by running it until it runs out and the motor stops. Change the oil and remove the spark plugs and change them if necessary. Clean the engine and the frame of the mower, using a scraper to remove any built up grass and dirt on the underside of the motor.
If you have an electric mower, unplug it before you start any cleaning.
Check the condition of the blade and if it needs sharpening, use a heavy file to remove dull edges or you can simply replace it.  

Storing Your Hose
Make sure that any shutoff valves or spray nozzles are detached from the hose and stored inside. Drain out your hose, roll it up and store inside. Cold hoses can be stiff and difficult to use, so if you can, store somewhere warm.

Organising Your Tool Shed
There are lots of different ways that you can organise your shed, but as long as you can find everything you need and it’s in a good condition when you do, then you can organise it however you like.


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