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10 October

Rhus typhina Autumn Colour
Rhus typhina putting on a show

Four Ways to Keep Your Garden Tidy in the Autumn

Autumn is officially here and whether you dread the colder days or love the falling leaves, it’s time to flow with the season. Naturally, the significant change will mean that your garden needs some tender loving care. But this is when things slow down, unlike in crazy spring.  So prepare your garden for winter and keep things weather-resistant with these quick tips on keeping your garden tidy this autumn.

1. Deal with Leaves
If you’re anywhere near a bunch of beautiful trees or even have a garden open to blustery winds, you’re bound to find lots of dead leaves lying in your garden. Some people don’t mind but beware that these are lovely homes for all kinds of mould, fungi, insects and pests like slugs. Plus it helps to remove the leaves quickly and easily to a safe compost pile or handy leaf mould when you want to mow your lawn for one of the last times before winter! Keep things tidy by using a traditional rake or even a fancy leaf blower.

2.  Safe Storage
It’s time to pack away that summer garden furniture and clean off those garden tools into some dry, safe and neat storage. Garden sheds are great but they don’t always keep the cobwebs out. Check this website out for some modern looking and easy to maintain garden storage ideas. Deck boxes, cupboards, shelves and even garages are good places to store away all your garden accessories during the autumn and winter.

3.  Trim those Plants
Summer plants and flowers will begin to wilt and fall away during the autumn so it’s important to trim them and tend to their leaves to keep them safe for deflowering next year. Carefully clip off any dead flowers, leaves or stalks and keep them in a compost heap or garden bin so that they don’t fall all over your garden lawn and create an unwanted and unkempt mess!

4. Clear the Weeds

We all know that weeds need to be kept in check but thankfully, during the colder months, they don’t really tent to bother our gardens that much! However, it’s important to get rid of them once and for all in the autumn so that they don’t drop their seeds and sprout in spring next year. Get your weed killer to hand and say good bye to them for the foreseeable future to keep your garden looking great!


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