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7 October

The Complete Guide to Turning Your Shed Into a Garden Workshop
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For many people the shed is simply a place to house garden tools. Although a shed is indisputably useful for this task, do you not feel like you’re missing out on so much more? It really needn’t be damp, dark and musky because, with a little hint of planning and motivation, you can turn your shed into a fully-fledged workshop that allows you to do all of your DIY tasks. Here’s how to do just that.  

Converting a Shed into a Habitable Space
Of course, (a little obviously), the first stage if you don’t have a shed is to get one from somewhere such as Metal is best here, as it leaves you room to expand if you really do catch the DIY bug!
From here, all you need is a little elbow grease and you’re on your way to converting your shed into a bright and airy room suitable for any DIY task.

One thing you should certainly consider for your shed is a heating system, and underfloor ones are available so that you can still keep all of your floor space. These only run at relatively low temperatures, but if you don’t want the additional expenditure, then consider a cheaper alternative such as insulation. In a wooden shed, around 70% of heat is lost through the roof or floor, so prioritise those areas first.

As well as heat, you’ll also need light. Of course, if you’re buying new, then you can choose an option that maximises light, but if not then simply replace one of your old roof panels with an insulating plastic sheet. Simple, cheap and effective.

Getting the Power Supplied
If you’re going to be doing DIY in your shed then you’re going to have to install a power supply. Of course, unless you’ve had vast experience with this sort of thing, then it is always better to call in a qualified electrician who will have the job done quickly and, more importantly, safely. Don’t take the risk and put your new shed (and your life) in jeopardy before you have even begun.

Making Sure You’re Secure
Sadly, although your new shed is a great asset, it will quickly become a target for thieves; particularly after they’ve heard the power tools. Due to this, you need to make sure you’re secured. For this reason, although a padlock is cheap, it’s best to have either a motion sensor or an alarm as well (preferably both), as these will deter thieves who will be aware the shed is monitored. It may seem like an expensive option, but it’ll help you sleep at night and protect hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of power tools.

This list is by no means extensive, but hopefully it gives you a good idea for how you can turn your shed into a workshop, or at least whetted your appetite. So, go on, what are you waiting for?


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