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14 November

How to Build a Garden Gate

With winter now underway, it is all too easy to neglect your garden space. This is primarily thanks to a combination of adverse weather conditions and falling temperatures, which make it difficult to complete tasks such as cultivating seeds, turning over soil and even mowing the lawn. With this years’ winter set to be colder and more unpleasant than in recent years, there is a chance that your outdoor space may even become something of a no-go zone in the months ahead.

How to Build a Garden Gate: And Why Now is the Time
With this in mind, now is the ideal time to make any last-minute adjustments to your garden and ensure that it is prepared for the hardship of winter. If you need to build a garden gate, for example, consider the following steps towards achieving this aim safely and efficiently: -

1.      Deal in Accurate Measurements
Before you being to construct your gate, it is important that you measure out the space accurately. Make a note of these dimensions, and consider them in line with any future development plans that you may have for your space. You must also calculate these measurements according to general construction rules, typically by ensuring that your posts are no longer than five feet apart. This will help to secure your frame and structure once it is in place.

2.      Ensure that you have the right Tools and Components
With your measurements having being taken, the next step is to ensure that you have the requisite tools and components to complete the job. This is often easier said than done, as there can be a surprising amount of hardware required to create a functional and durable gate that is well engineered. One of the key considerations is your choice of suppliers, as you should to source your items from reputable trade retailer such as Barrier Components in a bid to guarantee quality while reducing costs.

3.      Dig your Holes, Sink in the Posts and Construct your Gate
With your measurements in place, you should have a clear understanding of where to dig and install your posts. Then be sure to dig your holes to a depth of approximately 1-2 feet, before sinking your posts into the spaces and ensuring that they are secured in place. The depth of each hole is important, as shallow spaces will leave your gate unsecure and ultimately distinguish it as a hazard. One your posts are secure, you can fit your hinges and gateway to complete the task and provide an added security dimension to the security of your home.


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